We make you look good. Here's how.
  • We know packaging
    Our expertise in structures and our solid background in marketing and design give us a unique understanding of what it takes to create packages that grab consumer attention.

  • We’ve been in business awhile
    Since 1991 as a matter of fact. We strive to build rewarding long term client relationships. And we’re compulsively reliable.

  • You can afford us
    Our offices may not be fancy, but less overhead means you get great results for less. And yes, we’re small, but we can deliver on projects of any size.

  • We know good people
    Over the years, we’ve hand-picked many highly-qualified professionals to work with us. We know who to call when we need copywriters, illustrators, photographers or other specialists.
  • We’ve been in your shoes
    Our partners have worked in both studio and corporate environments. We understand the budget pressures you’re under, as well as the challenges of working with licensors and multiple levels of approvals.

  • We do more than packaging
    We also create catalogs, sales sheets, displays, trade show graphics, product graphics and anything else you need to make your product sell successfully.

  • We’re easy to find
    With locations in southern California, central Colorado and Chicago, we’re accessible and convenient.
"From the mechanical aspects of creating a unique package, to the amazingly creative ideas for graphics, to finding an artist, photographer and box manufacturer, Group 2 Design’s expertise seemed unlimited."
- C.C., Owner, Imajakit