Product packaging that sells!

Group 2 Design specializes in creative package design for consumer products.
We merge effective structures, solid marketing-based strategy and attention-getting
graphics to produce results that sell. With additional services including branding,
copywriting, photography and illustration, we’ve got you covered!

  • Over 20 years creating packaging for consumer goods
    Experienced. Innovative. Professional. Reliable.

  • Complete design service
    Turnkey service on projects large or small, including package
    structure concepts and engineering, product naming,
    translations, retouching, display design and more.

  • Competitive
    Challenging budget and/or deadline? Talk to us.
From the first designs through the
final mechanicals, your work
exuded tasteful design and
quality craftsmanship... The fact
that you always met the production
schedule was another important
aspect of the project that made your
talents far exceed the limits of any
other design team I've worked with.
- S.R., Mattel Toys